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    Nature has been kind to our small Himalayan kingdom. It has expressed itself in a variety of genres.The unique geographical location of this landlocked country has resulted... more
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    The name itself invokes a sense of mystery and magic. Spread over a vast expanse of high altitude desert beyond the Himalayas this ancient kingdom is truly the last of the Shangri-Las... more
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    Sandwiched between two Asian Giants, the small Himalayan kingdom is truly one of the last Shangri- las. Mysterious and alluring, the land of the thunder dragon has always... more
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    Small but beautiful, this small erstwhile Himalayan in the northeastern frontier of India, is wedged between China, Nepal, Bhutan and the sleepy Darjeeling district. Remote... more
Terkking in Nepal

What is trekking?

Trekking means a walking trip following the trails that meander through the rugged terrain in the company of the guide. A rewarding holiday in every sense a typical trek passes through rustic hamlets, terraced paddy fields, past towering peaks. Away from civilization and modern amenities life has changed little in the hills and mountains of Nepal. It is as though time has come to a complete standstill in this part of the world. A trek in these regions is travel back into time and a unique opportunity to catch a peek into the Nepalese way of life from very close quarters. Many of the trekking routes offer indescribable views and the glimpse into unexplored vistas. Pauses at the villages that dot the trail grant a trekker a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the surrounding. As different people inhabit the different parts of the trail the landscape, the houses, the people and the lifestyle of the people undergo a dramatic transformation with every climb. The experience is culturally exhilarating.

Opened to the world only a few decades ago Nepal still preserves its sanctity and is free from the trappings of modern day life, though there are a few exceptions like Kathmandu. The hilly terrain and the lack of roads make sure that the mode of transportation is the most trusted and the oldest, that is on foot. The majority of Nepalese people like our forefathers have been making our way from one place to another on the well-worn trails that snake through the hills slopes. Trekking in Nepal means a walking trip following the trails that meander through the rugged terrain in the company of the Sherpas. A rewarding holiday in every sense.

Trekking in Nepal does not require climbing experience. Anyone with sound health and love of nature can go on a trek. Though the trek might require navigating steep hills and climbing down to lower elevations you can set up your own pace and need not wear yourself out. All the Mila Adventure treks are tailor made keeping in mind every aspect. The preservation of the fragile eco system is of utmost importance to us and our support staff led by the sirdar (guide) is made well aware of the significance of preserving the environment.

We provide full service tented treks led by highly trained guides with knowledge on Nepalese culture and high altitude survival skills. We take pride in the high quality of service we render - personalized, professional and above all enjoyable. Our crew with a keen sense of hospitality will make your holiday worthwhile. You will make friends with our tour leader during the trip and find adventure that you will re-live for the rest of your life.